In conf.researchr.org, the model of the CMS is designed to reflect the hierarchy of actual conferences, with support for simple conferences having a single call for papers, and more complex federations of conferences with subconferences, workshops and multiple tracks per conference.

Taking a conference as starting point:

  • a conference can have multiple sub-conferences (like workshops, symposia, etc), or can be a sub-conference itself

  • a conference can have zero or more conference committees (e.g., organizing, steering, program committee)

  • a conference can have a front page with free text items, a photo carousel, event carousels and a sidebar with news items, supporters, widgets and upcoming important dates (aggregated from its tracks)

  • a conference can have one or more venues, and attending information items

  • a conference has a program, with automatically generated tabular and timeline views of the tracks, sessions and events with support for filtering, a personal program, and calendar feed to be imported into one’s digital agenda.

  • a conference can have multiple tracks

    • a track can have zero or more call for contributions, important dates and committees

    • a track can have zero or more session slots defining the time and place of the session(s)

      • each session slot can be assigned events (talks/welcome/keynote/you_name_it)
      • session slots are set up at the conference-level where session slots get assigned to the tracks
    • a track will have events with its own rubric like accepted papers/artifacts/…

    • a track has its own page showing the call for contributions, important dates, its program, accepted papers, committee(s), and other free text items.