Add Program Sessions

To add program sessions to a track:

  • Open Sessions and Schedule from the track menu and open the New Session-tab
  • Enter a name of the session and add the session. The name can later be changed

Configuring a program session:

  • In the edit tab of a session you can select the Session slot, which defines the time boundary and location of the session

    • In case no session slots appear in the drop down, it seems that the session slots are not yet created by the editors of the (top-level) conference. Please ask the maintainers of the top-level conference to create the session slots and assign them to the track you’re editing.
  • Select the events (talks/presentations/tutorials/welcome/…) that should be scheduled within the program session.

  • Now, Save the program session. In case a session-slot is configured, the events will now automatically be assigned an equal amount of time within the time boundaries of the session slot.

  • The Event Planning panel shows the session-schedule. Here:

    • You can change the start and end-times of the individual events
    • You can change the order of the events using the drag-drop interface (Populate Event Slots)
  • Session chair(s) can be added in the next panel

Schedule events from other tracks (Shared Schedule)

In case sessions for Track A will have events from Track B, the session schedule needs to be shared. This can be done under the Shared Schedule tab, where you can enable the track(s) for which events should be schedulable in sessions of the currently viewed track.