Federated conferences such as SPLASH are complex organizations composed of many parts (co-located conferences, symposia, and workshops), and are put together by many people and committees. Developing the website for such a conference requires a considerable effort, and is often reinvented for each edition of a conference using software that provides little to no support for the domain. is a domain-specific content management system developed to support the production of large conference websites. is used for the federated conferences of ACM SIGPLAN.

When you’re new to, we recommend reading Hierarchy, as it explains the basic model behind the CMS.

This section explains how is structured.

In this section you’ll learn how to set up the presentation and content of a conference instance in

Tracks are the elements that contain the call for contributions, important dates and accepted papers. They can also be used to hold events that have no call/contributions, e.g. for committee meetings.

A track will have its own page, browsable from the navigation bar of the conference website.